ECG electrodes and accessories

EasyTrace® ECG accessories include a complete range of solid gel electrodes ideal for Monitoring, Stess Test and Holter.

They guarantee perfect signal transmission and excellent adhesion, allowing easy application and removal.

The support is made of biocompatible material.

Electrical compliance according to ANSI/AAMI EC Standard 12. Electrodes are available in different sizes for adult and paediatric patients.

The EasyTrace® ECG accessory line also includes:

  • Adult and paediatric Ag/AgCl sensor clamp electrodes with universal connection.
  • Precordial Ag/AgCl adult (15 and 24 mm) and paediatric electrodes
  • Adapters
  • Adapters with alligator clip
  • Adapters with cable
ecg accessories

EasyTrace® Disposable ECG Electrodes

ECG Electrode R01-11040R01-11040Monitoring, Stress Test and Holter · Ø 36 mm - 50 per pouch

Ø 36mm

5050/2000open page
ECG Electrode R01-11050R01-11050Monitoring, Stress Test and Holter · Ø 43 mm - 50 per pouch

Ø 43mm

5050/2000open page
ECG Electrode R01-21080R01-21080Monitoring, Stress Test and Holter · Ø 48 mm - 50 per pouch

Ø 48mm

5050/2000open page
ECG Tab Electrode R01-41100R01-41020Tab electrode 23 × 27 mm - 100 per pouch

23 x 27mm

500100/550open page
REF Description Size Units / box Pouch / Box

ECG Clamp Electrodes

pediatric clampMD02026Pediatric size - Ag/AgCl sensor


4open page
clampMD02023Adult size - Ag/AgCl sensor


4open page
REF Description Size Units / box

Suction Chest Electrodes

MD02034Suction chest electrode in AG/AgCl · Ø15 mm

Ø 15mm

6open page
MD02035Suction chest electrode in AG/AgCl · Ø24 mm

Ø 24mm

6open page
MD02036Suction chest electrode in AG/AgCl · Ø30 mm

Ø 30mm

6open page
REF Description Size Units / box


MD03735Snap connection and 4 mm connectorBlack10open page
MD03736Snap connection and 4 mm connectorRed10open page
MD03737Snap connection and 4 mm connectorGreen10open page
MD03738Snap connection and 4 mm connectorYellow10open page
MD03739Snap connection and 4 mm connectorWhite10open page
MD03740Snap connection and 2 mm connectorBlack10open page
MD03741Insulated aligator clip and 2 mm connectorBlack10open page
MD03742Alligator clip and 2 mm connectorBlack10open page
REF Description Color Units / box

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