Modul Diagram becomes a division of DEAS Srl

Modul Diagram becomes a division of DEAS Srl
5 January 2021

Modul Diagram s.r.l on December 23, 2020, completed its merger by incorporation into the company DEAS Srl and from that date DEAS has taken over all business relationships.

DEAS will continue to produce in the Modul Diagram plant in Castel Bolognese the historical EasyTrace line of products for medical registration and imaging and the EtiRib line of labels; the product catalog of the EasyTrace and EtiRib lines will be expanded.

Modul Diagram founders Domenico Scardovi and Franco Farolfi continue to be the managers of the Modul Diagram manufacturing facility.

About DEAS Srl

The data relating to the incorporating company resulting from the above operations are the following:

  • Name: DEAS Srl
  • Registered office: Via dell’Industria, 49 – Castel Bolognese (RA) 48014
  • Legal Representative / Management: Domenico Scardovi
  • VAT Code: 01063890394
  • Goods delivery: Via Provinciale Lughese, 1880 – Castel Bolognese (RA) – 48014

DEAS has been manufacturing medical devices for respiration since 1987. DEAS products are used in operating rooms, anesthesia, intensive care unit (ICU), neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), coronary care unit (CCU), post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), respiratory therapy (RT), emergency room (ER).

DEAS looks forward to new business relationships with Modul Diagram customers!


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