New EU Legislation: All Thermal Papers Must be BPA Free

BPA free thermal papers
28 mai 2019

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As required by new EU legislation, from 2 January 2020, all thermal papers sold in Europe must be free of Bisphenol A (BPA).

Modul Diagram is working to anticipate this change with a full range of papers and self-adhesive labels without BPA, using protected, semi-protected and standard thermal sensitivity. As these materials can take several months to cross the entire supply chain, our product inventory management is working well in advance to ensure compliance with EU legislation.

Our sales department will get in touch with you to keep you up to date to guarantee full adherence  for your company.

Why is BPA Used in Thermal Papers?

BPA is a coating that provides heat resistance and stability, so that the thermal paper safely changes color when exposed to heat without causing a fire. Thermal printers use ink, allowing for faster printing and fewer breakable printer parts. The printing quality of this type of thermal paper is usually higher than other printer types, with reduced bleeding and full blacks for high legibility.

Is BPA in Thermal Paper Health Risk?

There has been plenty of debate over the health effects of Bisphenol A.  Some people have raised concerns over the chemical, as it is an endocrine disruptor, that can interfere with the functioning of natural hormones in the body. The highest risk in BPA exposure is for those who are more sensitive to the chemical such as babies and children. BPA affects many human health endpoints. These include the female reproductive system, the brain and behavior, the mammary gland, metabolism and obesity. The effects on the mammary gland are used to calculate the derived no effect level (Dnel).

It is very unlikely, however, that a person who handles thermal paper throughout their workday will be exposed to toxic levels of BPA.

Modul Diagram BPA Free Thermal Papers

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